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Innovations and Development at Savitri Sugandalaya

We produce our perfumes and incense sticks through constant research and development with the aim to operate creatively through best resource management and production of innovative products that cater to varied culture and market.

With changing times, technology and demands we progress by creating, experimenting and designing fresh and new fragrances and types of agarbattis. Our company aims to deliver for novel and modern times keeping in mind the initially traditional uses and cultural value of incense sticks. Product improvement and innovation is of prime value to the company.

Fragrance :We have an experimentation lab where we innovate a range of fragrances. Here we accommodate the best facilities to experiment and create the perfumes for our incense. Today, Savitri Sugandalaya has a library of over 100 variations of fragrances. This aspect provides the company with its strongest competitive advantage.

Packaging : Our team of designers work creatively and aim to produce graphics that go hand in hand with fragrances. Brand creation is our strongest suit which we do through understanding customer needs and providing the same in our designs. At Savitri, we offer a range in types of packaging that can be customized depending on the demand of the client.

Quality : We aim to provide best quality in justifiable prices. Genuine and good quality is a part of our core value system and business culture. Our products go through necessary standardized test at every node of manufacturing from procuring raw materials till the product is delivered to our customers.