Savitrii Sugandhalaya

Savitri Sugandalaya- Knocking on Heavens Door

The Incense sticks are an essential part of the Indian culture since an immemorial era. Since years together, fragrances have played a huge role in evoking emotions, calming spirits, creating admirable atmospheres and spreading peace and harmony in a multicultural world.

We at Savitri Sugandalaya strive to deliver sterling incenses across the globe, ranging in varieties of aromas which blend with every culture and tradition.

Through this we desire to spread the message of love, joy and harmony.

Our fragrances are in the form of agarbattis, cones and dhoops, which range in scents, packaging and brands. These products help to promote a sense of wellbeing by making the environment pleasant, tranquil and aromatic.

Based in Bangalore (India), Savitri Sugandalaya is one of the best in the business of incense manufactures and exporters providing wholesale incense across the globe.

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I have been a loyal customer of Savitri Sugandalaya, and it’s my most preferred brand of incense sticks, since 1989. On account of the long standing relationship with Savitri, I once had the opportunity to visit their factory, and was impressed to find that all their products are made under expert supervision, and designed to perfection. The wide range and variety of fragrances and products available are parallel to none other. Their customer service and business ethics is second to none. Their perseverance to do better, and strive for excellence, has made them reach great heights and I wish them all the success in their future endeavours. Proud to be a part of the Savitri Sugandalaya Family.

We are dealing with M/s Savitri Sugandalaya since last 18 years. Through almost 2 decades, the company has successfully maintained their quality. From creating brands for our market to despatching our orders on time, the company is very prompt and efficient. According to market, their design and packing also appreciable. Both the partners of this company have maintained cordial family relation with us.

You connect with multiple people and companies in the networking of businesses but very few people are such, who do not compromise on their principles and morals. Savitri Sugandalaya is one such company. They hold a wide range of products, crafted to perfection. Their fragrances are fresh, novel and cutting-edge.

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